You need to save data? OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive will help you. Obviously, you don’t need to worry about which file you are saving on the HDD, whether it is corrupted or not, whether you need to back up to the secondary HDD, where it is located. You do not need to care about connecting this machine to another machine to receive files in two places. 


A whole folder or individual files can be shared from your iMegaSync account so that anyone can download your shared content without the need for their own username and password.


Mobile applications to access your iMegaSync account are available for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android users. You can search, upload, download, stream, and share any of your files on the go.

There’s also a Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop program called iMegaSync that creates a folder on your computer where you can drag and drop files and folders to upload to your MEGA account.

Mozilla Thunderbird users can use the iMegaBird add-on to easily share large files over email. It works by first uploading the files to iMegaSync and then sharing the link.